Halloweentime at Disneyland

Halloweentime Disneyland

Fall is officially here!  Now that I’m living in Portland, I’m starting to miss one of my all time favorite fall activities – Halloweentime at Disneyland!

Disneyland was a favorite pastime for my friends and I when living in Los Angeles, so I’ve pretty much seen Disney decorated for every holiday and many non-holidays.  It could just be because I love the fall and I love Halloween, but I think Halloweentime is the most magical time to visit.

If you’re thinking about a trip to Disneyland, but haven’t set a date yet, read on and maybe this will help you decide when to visit! 

One of the first things you’ll see when you walk into the park is the Great Pumpkin (a Mickey pumpkin, of course).  Definitely a prime photo opportunity!  Tip:  There is usually a pretty long line for this, but most people don’t realize the back of the pumpkin has a face too!  So try the back and you may not have to wait at all!

Here is what the front of Pumpkin Mickey looks like.

Great Pumpkin Front

And here’s the back!

Great Pumpkin Back

As you walk along Main Street, you will see the amazing attention to detail all around you.  It’s a cornucopia of pumpkins and fall colors!  Because there is SO MUCH, it’s near impossible to take pictures of everything.  Here are just a few!

Decorative Pumpkins

Traffic Trouble Pumpkins

Main Street Pumpkins

And the decorations don’t stop on Main Street, the festivities continue throughout the entire park!

Disney Character Pumpkins

Pumpkin Tree

Halloweentime Disney Statue One of my favorite rides during Halloweentime is The Haunted Mansion.  The ride is already perfect for the occasion, but Disney goes one step further and completely transforms the ride into The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Take a look!

Pumpkin King

Haunted Mansion

Pumpkin Carriage

Nightmare Before Christmas

Pumpkin Carriage

Days Until Xmas

Space MountainAnother ride that is transformed for Halloween is Space Mountain.  While only a few things are different, it’s still a highlight of Halloweentime!

The line for Space Mountain is almost always over an hour long (if you’re lucky).  I would highly suggest getting a Fast Pass FIRST, and then going to wait in line at Haunted Mansion.  The line for Haunted Mansion will be pretty long too, but it moves much more quickly.

If you plan on visiting California Adventure as well, definitely go on the Tower of Terror.  While there are no alterations for Halloween, it’s perfect for the holiday.  No changes necessary!

Tower of Terror

Halloween Caramel ApplesAnd finally, I cannot forget about the treats!  I love going into all the bakeries and candy shops to see what’s been decorated for Halloween.

While everything looks mighty tasty, my favorite fall treat is the pumpkin fudge.  It is for sure a must try!  Tip:  It looks a lot like the peanut butter fudge.  In fact, I was once sold the peanut butter when I asked for pumpkin.  So if you’re traveling with someone that has a peanut allergy, it might be a good idea to taste it first before they do!

Mickey Bat Cookie

These are just a few highlights of my favorite things during the season, but there is much more to explore.  If you want a more unique time to visit Disneyland, free from the hot summer sun and insane crowds, think about planning a trip during Halloweentime.

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